20110918-103448.jpg I had a good chuckle while waiting for the bathroom at The Big E circa 2009. I usually don’t tip bathroom attendants, but felt compelled to do so. What an experience!

When waiting for a stall I was amused at the signs that numbered the stalls. I found myself wanting stall 10 to open up so I could be:


However, I felt sorry for the ladies who had 8:


In terms of style, it was your typical public restroom. It was clean. I did get a mint and option for hairspray. The attendant’s cheerful singing and advertising of the stalls was pleasant, yet quirky.

All in all I would agree that this is the:


The exact location of the bathroom was in the Better Living Center, closest to gate 5. This was the location in 2009 – if you find it this year, post a comment with the location.


I commend Seattle for making July and August as a time to paint out graffiti and for allowing the community to be empowered to make their community a cleaner place to live.

For me, I especially don’t like to see graffiti over art like paintings on a building or murals. People that tag these works of arts are not graffiti artists they are just plain rude.

With that being said, it was important to me to remove the graffiti on the Bridge Way mural. I was determined to find a way to do so. I found out the Fremont Arts Council has all the colors for the mural and organized a paint out party August 13, 27 and September 10 starting at 10am.

Every time I drove by the mural, I did not want to see this:


Fremont Arts Council ended up not having a brown color for the lion, but I just so happened to have some at home. I came back and cleaned up the lion – really the person who tagged it could not tell it was a lion! Here it is clean:

20110828-121148.jpg Note: the lion’s body was repainted after I took this photo, so it is tag free.

It was nice to hear thank you’s from two folks walking by.

If you would like to volunteer to paint out graffiti on the Bride Way mural, head down there September 10, 2011 from 10 am and on ready to paint.

A restaurant is more than okay in my book when the owner goes the extra mile to decorate the bathroom. I also like it when a bathroom is unique in style or provides free toiletries.

Features that get me excited are sinks, art, and general feel of the decor. I like to go into a bathroom and feel like the dining experience is extended into the bathroom.

In this particular restaurant, http://mattsrotisserie.com, I found the presentation of the tampons to be creative and stylish. 20110820-103331.jpg

Now, when I brush my teeth, I am reminded of Matt’s Rotisserie & Oyster Lounge in Redmond, Washington.


Habitat for Humanity Home Impromvent Store

Habitat Home Improvement Outlet

On your next run to the home improvement store, forget the Lowes or the Home Depot’s near you and find a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you. Habitat’s ReStore resale outlets are stocked with ever changing stock of home improvement goods like furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances at a fraction of the price. ReStore stock is either new or slightly used items donated to Habitat for Humanity with sale proceeds going to building Habitat homes in the local area.  

The stock is ever changing! I always look forward to seeing what is available. Few of my favorite things to browse are carpet square tiles, appliances, tiles, and furniture. You can find anything really, new or used. You have to see for yourself. Be willing to take some time to browse. The furniture aisle is almost like a garage sale that you can visit during the week – heaven! And, prices cannot be beaten. I’ve researched appliance models before buying and found their prices to be at least half off. To get even closer to their stock, I even volunteered my time working at the store. 

After my bathroom remodel, I had a good condition drop-in sink, faucet, and light fixture that while I did not need any more someone else could, so I dropped it off at Habitat’s ReStore. You can simply pull-up to the loading dock and an employee will collect your goods. If you choose, you can have the value assessed to receive a receipt for your taxable donation.

Visit the Seattle store today or Like them on Facebook!

Summer solstice is just around the corner, but fear not, in Seattle you have until July 4 – when the big ball of fire comes-out to play for a few months – to switch out your wardrobe from Spring to Summer.  This weekend, head down to Storables for their 3-day basket sale and pick-up their ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­collapsible Shouldah Bins. Storing your seasonal attire has never been so fashionable and easy!


You  will save valuable dresser space by removing and storing last season’s clothes in a closet. With less clutter, you will also be more inspired to mix and match your summer clothing.

If you are short like me you will find this basket system an easy approach to storing items high-up in the closet.  To retrieve and store  items, you can easily grab the the handle to pull the soft basket down from the shelf. If you opt for the open box top, like the picture above, you can always pretend you are a small forward for the Seattle Storm and go for two points!

For breezy Seattle nights, leave the light clothes (spring/fall) to the front of the closet for a more accessible approach and the heavier items (winter) to the back.

Cheers to capris and summer dresses!


After a recent trip to Bed Bath and Beyond I saved over $100 using coupons! Not one coupon, but multiple coupons. Here is the trick that most people don’t know: you can use multiple coupons on one purchase. And even better of a little known secret: you can use them even if they are expired!

To make the shopping experience care-free and guilt-free, after hording all the coupons, the cashiers ring the coupons in the best possible way to get maximum savings. For example it was more wise to use the 20% off coupon on the $200 bedding than it was to use the $5 off coupon.

Coupons come in denominations of $5 off a $15 or more, 20% off a single item, and the grand daddy of them all 20% off the entire purchase! The 20% off the entire purchase is a hard one to find, but I have found that they can come in new neighbor packets that you get at USPS when you move – now don’t quote me on this one as I have not moved in a while.

Collecting Bed Bath and Beyond coupons has saved me many times when I have moved to a new place or redecorated a room. I encourage you to collect and save.

Have a bare wall that you want to decorate? And, have a few pieces that you want to hang?

Get ready to rock your wall installation by planning the space before you get out the hammer and nail. All you need is a roll of tape and a measuring tape. Start by measuring the wall. Then, tape out the wall dimensions, using the floor. Finally, take your wall hangings and move them around within the space to see what looks best. How to know if it looks good? You will go, yes or get that feeling that it looks right – there is no right or wrong.

Here is an example: